To offer you the most economy and flexibility, we customize all of our regularly scheduled maintenance programs to match your requirements. Our highly trained, certified technicians are available when you need them for repairs and re-occurring maintenance. Best of all, because we specialize, you save money! So relax and leave your lighting to Fluorescent Maintenance Company.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

  • Indoor Lighting Maintenance
  • Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
  • Night Inspection Service
  • Sign Repair: Neon Fluorescent & LED
  • LED Lighting & Sign Upgrades

Make the Smart Lighting Maintenance Choice

When you choose Fluorescent Maintenance Company for your lighting maintenance service, you'll be guaranteed a variety of services, all designed to give you better and brighter lighting, dependable illumination, cost-effective maintenance, and hassle-free service. Here are a few features and benefits of doing business with Fluorescent Maintenance Company.

Flexible Maintenance Agreements

Your contract with Fluorescent Maintenance Company is custom-designed to ensure that you have the flexibility you need. This arrangement is ideal for those who may not be renewing leases or considering selling a building. Any agreement can be cancelled within 30 days notice.

Economical Service

Because we specialize in lighting maintenance, we are able to provide comprehensive, low-cost service to all our clients. Importantly, choosing Fluorescent Maintenance Company means you don't have to worry about the ongoing management, overhead, and training of an in-house lighting maintenance person.

Experienced Technicians

Every lighting technician who works for Fluorescent Maintenance Company has received extensive in-house training to ensure their expertise works hard for you. Through the National Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO), an organization that Fluorescent Maintenance Company helped found, our technicians attend ongoing skills-update seminars as well. Many of our technicians bring over 25 years of professional experience to their positions.

Ballast and Lamp Replacement

We guarantee your ballasts and lamps are in good repair and working, or we'll replace them, regardless of the number required. Our inventory of complete lighting supplies ensures you'll never wait for a part.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

We'll service the parking lot poles outside of your building and any exterior signage, as well as your interior lighting system.


Light maintenance, part of our energy saving upgrades in Denver, CO

I am a commercial property manager overseeing a portfolio of seven properties (multi-tenant office buildings and neighborhood retail shopping centers).

I have used Fluorescent Maintenance Company, Inc. as my preferred lighting maintenance vendor on all of my properties for over 15 years.

They perform regular drive-by inspections on all exterior lighting and monument signs, and repair the outages they find at very reasonable, competitive rates. I also utilize their engineering services to do cost/benefit analyses for lighting retrofits or complex lighting repair for both indoor and outdoor applications.

I find their advice, suggestions of alternative solutions, efficient, timely and professional installations at affordable prices within my budgets to be of immeasurable value in maintaining the lighting at my properties in a safe and professional manner.

Marc Blumstein, Property Manager
Tedford Katz
Commercial Real Estate LLC

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